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1. Unpack, Run installer [RunIt1st.exe] first to install the crack
After installation, Crack File [Install.exe] will be created in
the directory in which installer [RunIt1st.exe] is present.

2. Run the Crack [Install.exe],
After Running The Crack [Install.exe], A file named Uninstall.exe
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You can run it to uninstall the crack


1. Uninstall.exe helps to uninstall the crack, so dont delete it..
2. RunIt1st.exe installs or repair the crack, so dont delete it..
3. There is no need delete Install.exe or Reinstall the crack untill
it shows this kind of message

Run This File First “RunIt1st.exe”
RunIt1st.exe Installs Components Required To Run The Crack
Press any key 2 Exit